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Lakeside Art Studio – where the ordinary becomes the extraordinary

LAS is the working studio of artist Dannielle Mick. The space is nestled in the scenic lakeside community of Parsippany, New Jersey. The school offers in-depth art instruction and private instruction in a variety of media suitable for students of all ages and skill levels.

Teaching is done both in the studio and outdoors plein aire. Inspiration translates from the local lakeshore scenery into the light and airy studio.

The studio holds classes and workshops year round. They are offered days, evenings, and weekends and are updated frequently. Check for the latest adult, teen and kids classes, and workshops. Classes and workshops are kept small to give each student more individual attention.

Students from LAS literally learn to see their world in a new way. The impact on their art can be significant. A newly developed vision changes their appreciation of life and surroundings and enhances creative awareness. Students bond together and share a common artistic and personal journey.

LAS is conveniently located from all major Morris County highways.

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Not your ordinary art school

What Lakeside Art Studio teaches is not only how to draw, paint, and all of the traditional theories, but Dannielle also incorporates solid information on how to become a professional artist who shows in the public venue and all that is involved leading up to this achievement. For example, how to:

  • have intentions (what are your intentions?) and set goals
  • Set a regular painting date in the studio
  • paint in series like the great masters (Van Gogh, Matisse)
  • put together a cohesive body of work – style, subject, media
  • professionally photograph and present your artwork
  • frame your artwork as not to detract from the art – size, color, texture, glass, matting, archival
  • write an artist statement and biography – what to say, and what not to say
  • organize an art exhibition – start to finish – including press release, design postcard, labels, art lists, the hanging and presentation, organizing the art reception and refreshments

Welcome to Lakeside Art Studio

Where the ordinary becomes the extraordinary
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