Marketing Mentoring

Marketing Mentoring

Lakeside Art Studio offers guidance to artists seeking to enter the marketplace. we begin with an overview of your work and what your objectives are. we will assist in the selection of a cohesive body of your current and best work that is representative of your style.

Next, we need to assemble various components into a professional package. Here’s what we will do:

Biography – learn how to organize your background, accomplishments, education, and exhibition information for gallery and website use. if needed, we can help with the writing.

Artist Statement – learn how to write in a simple, clear, and straight forward manner a statement of facts, as a basic introduction to you as an artist. if need be, we will help with the writing and editing to make it shine.

Marketing Material – learn what information is necessary and how to present it.

Portfolio Presentation and Review – consider what material you will need to include in your portfolio and how to organize it for gallery presentation.

Photographing Your Artwork – learn the basic knowledge of the right setup to capture the perfect image. if if you need your work photographed, we can refer you to a professional photographer.

Image Management – learn how to download, organize, and size in your photo editing program, save in a folder, and insert images in a table. you will also learn how to attach images in your email to send out to art shows and galleries.

Framing – learn how to select the right frame, mat, and glass to complement the art work and not distract.

Pricing Structure – nothing is more critical than positioning yourself at the proper pricing level. learn to be successful in a competitive market with this proven method of pricing.

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